Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Better By Design

You may have heard that we make supplements, the thing is you may have heard wrong

At Blue Star Nutraceuticals we don't just make supplements. We make maiden-voyage, research-proven, soon-to-be-copied but never-to-be-cloned, industry-first supplements for guys who know a benchpress as well as a boardroom. We've been setting the bar and breaking it for close to 10 years and we're nowhere near calling it a day. Sound like something you can get behind? Perfect. We've been waiting for you.

If science can put a man on the moon, surely it can give him some better supplements

From day one we've been turning research into reality, design into disruption, and science into success. Why does Blue Star Nutraceuticals continue to triumph in an industry where companies come and go almost overnight? Is it the purity? The power? The performance? Of course. But what truly sets Blue Star Nutraceuticals apart is our relentless commitment to evidence. We'll spend more than 1,000 hours researching and developing our next supplement. We’ll explore every tip, trick, and technique under the sun to make sure it’s perfect. And we’ll spend every dime we have testing radical new research, exotic ingredients, and completely unconventional formulas. But, in the end it all comes down to one thing - no proof, no product.

It’s true - we’re only as good as our last 5,400,932 performances

Every Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplement is performance-ready. Whether it's a pill or a powder, a shake or a shot. We only make premium quality supplements because - to be honest - it’s the only way we know how. The way we see it, commitment to a better body starts with you, but it continues with us. So whether you're playing pick-up, or getting paid to do it, we promise that every Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplement you use will exceed your expectations. After all, the real reason we need to perform at our best is so that you can perform at yours.

After almost nine years, it’s safe to say that this kind of quality is no accident

To understand just how committed we are to quality, look no further than the allegiance of our research and development teams. Together, these doctors, designers, athletes, trainers, and nutritionists - all of them amongst the best in the world - work together to add their expertise to every single supplement we make. Really, it's an almost ridiculous amount of talent to have in any one space at the same time. But it's exactly how we continue to produce products that last longer, taste better, and perform harder than anything else available.

A long history of making it hard on ourselves, to make it easy on you

As we have from day one, Blue Star Nutraceuticals offers some of the most groundbreaking supplements in the world. Every serving starts with a pencil, some paper, and a pair of hands. Research is run and evidence collected. Formulas are written, rewritten, then written again. Scientists question doctors. Doctors question designers.And everybody hugs the flavor team. Testers give it to the athletes. Athletes put it to the test. And after all this happens, over thousands of hours and hundreds of days, we finally arrive at something worthy of making its way to you. That's why Blue Star Nutraceuticals supplements aren’t just better - they’re Better By Design.™